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why spoonfuls?


  • offering scaled closures spanning numerous consumer goods product categories

  • utilitarian  and ergonomic design

  • further adding to the convenience of the pouch

  • omniphobic and antimicrobial coating no residue/  bacteria free


  • spoonfuls can be customized to meet the customer's requirements.  alongside our partners we can provide a turn key offering, line integration proposition including engineering for a total solution.

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spoonfuls' eco-ethos



  • SAFE and SIMPLE built-in measured delivery solution

  • spoon closure measured at 2.5 ml for oral delivery

  • ladle closure measured at 15ml. for surfactant delivery

  • demi closure measured at 1/16 tsp for topical delivery


  • all-In-1 reusable package

  • easily dispense with one hand

  • easy to open & resealable

  • doubles as a serving container

  • drop-In manufacturing solution


spoon closure

oral application:

  • foods - purees, yogurts, specialized nutrition, herb cooking pastes

  • nutraceuticals, supplements

  • OTC medicines

  • pet supplements

  • CBD, cannabis, edibles


ladle closure

surfactant application:

  • concentrated laundry detergents, dishwashing solution, household cleaners, medicated shampoos

  • medicated mouth wash

  • cooking oils, infused cannabis oils

  • CBD, cannabis


demi closure

topical application:

  • cosmeceuticals, creams and lotions

  • therapeutic lotions

  • OTC prescription strength lotions

  • CBD, cannabis

"I think for meds it would be great as the spoon would act as a measurer and feeder in one. "


 "I would put cooking ingredients in them.  That would be wicked for measuring out passata or garlic paste."

 "Could be a

real godsend!"

"Definitely had the “oooh” factor for me.  Simple, clever, and very “neat”.

"Liked the way it looked like it clicked in and out quite satisfyingly. Very important the click!"

"I’m sure there are parents that are concerned about the size of the spoon  etc when feeding meds to children so in this case you would never lose the standard spoon. It’s always there! "

"I like the look of the cap, and the noise it makes when it snaps closed is very reassuring, for maintaining freshness and minimizing spillages!"

*Comments reflect the personal opinions of members of staff from MMR Research Worldwide (a global consumer and sensory research agency) based upon viewing Spoonfuls in action via video demonstration

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